Logic Pro X - Zoom Controls, Zoom Shortcuts, Waveform Zoom

In video we cover:

1. Zoom Controls and Zoom Shortcuts
2. Using the Zoom Tool
3. Zoom to Fit Window
4. Waveform Zoom
5. Individual Track Zoom

Logic Pro X - Vocal Harmonies Using Flex Pitch

Logic Pro X tutorial video, showing the technique I use for multiple harmony parts from a single vocal melody. I use the new Flex Pitch capabilities of Apple's leading music production software.

Logic Pro X Flex Pitch

In this video we discuss how to use the new flex pitch tool by Logic ProX. 

If you're familiar with the Melodyne pitch plug-in then this will be very similar. It is an amazing tool to pitch correct a vocal or instrument.

How To Use Apple LOGIC Pro X EXS24 Sampler

In this tutorial, Minneapolis Media Institute Audio & Recording Arts Program Specialist, Steve Yeager, shows how to chop up a vocal sample and load it into the EXS sampler for further manipulation.

After the sample is loaded in the EXS, he'll also show you how to do some clever programming of the sample with the step input keyboard to create the classic stutter effect.